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There’s no secret that film industry generates a huge amount of money. Blockbusters bring tens and thousands millions of dollars to the creators and investors. But few are aware that the lion's share of films’ success belongs to the visual effects. The members of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences admit that the work of CGI and VFX specialists (they work with computer graphics and visual effects) makes the 60% of films success.

The "Throne Invest" Company was created by a team of young highly skilled CGI and VFX professionals, who worked on popular fantasy drama TV series “Game of Thrones” for several seasons. That is why the main theme of investment project website was inspired by this famous film project. The site became a special hallmark of our team.

Success of the TV series provided the company founders with requests from such famous vendors as WetaDigital, BlurStudio, DigitalDomain, IndustrialLight&Magic, Framestore, SonyPicturesImageworks and many others, which allowed filling the order portfolio even before the start of the company’s work. This fact provides the successful future for the startup company.

As the production of visual effects is high-yield segment of financial market and requires intensive investments the Throneinvest Company founders decided to enter the investment market and to attract funds of private investors.

The "Throne Invest" is looking to cooperate with those, who loves movies and is ready to do his bit in the industry of computer aided special effects. The high professionalism and reputation of company team assure the safety of invested funds, which will bring not only good profit but also the enjoyment of engagement in motion picture industry.

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You can become even closer to our company by taking part in the affiliate program. This is another opportunity to receive passive income. Even without making a deposit of your own. The investors attracted by you will bring you benefits, just like soldiers in your army. But, of course, without any losses. Guaranteed income from the main investment package is supported by interest from the growing profits of your comrades. This is not a necessary option. Using the affiliate program does not affect your basic income at all. Moreover, you don’t have to buy an investment package in order to use our affiliate program. This opportunity was created specifically for you. Our benefit is to attract more investors, and as a result – to speed up the development of the company. We are ready to pay for your army! But to avoid the appearance of "dead souls", the use of multiple accounts by one user is prohibited. Only attract real people to benefit from the passive profit!

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How to start make money with "Throne Invest"?

All you need to do is to click "Sign up" and register. While clicking the "Sign up" button opens a small form for data entry. Having filled all the necessary fields and completed the account creation procedure the registered member gains access to his/her account. Here you will need to choose for yourself a best option of investment plan, a convenient payment system and make a deposit.

Is there any risk that my sensitive data will be transferred to the third party?

We don’t pass any personal data or information of our investors and partners to the third party. Our service is protected from DDoS-attacks and all operations are conducted through a secure connection.

How can I make a deposit in your system?

Upon authorization, in “My Account” section go to the “Make Deposit” tab. Here you need to choose a suitable tariff plan, specify desired sum of investment along with the payment system, and then press “Pay” button. After this you will be redirected to the website of the payment system for confirmation of the transaction. Eventually your deposit will be done. After verification of the transaction your deposit will be done.

Is it allowed to have multiple accounts?

According to the system rules users are prohibited to have multiple accounts. In case of detecting of the fact of creation of multiple accounts by one user the company reserves the right to block his/her all existing accounts without a refund.

Can I change my account password?

Yes, at any moment you can change your password for accessing to your account. This operation is available in “Account settings” through the “Change password” button.

I have forgotten my account password. How can I recover it?

To recover the access to your account you need to click “Forgot password” button which can be found on the login page. If you didn’t manage to recover access to your account we suggest you to contact the technical support service.

The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?

In order to request in the payment system a withdrawal of funds from your account to your wallet you need to have at least $0.1 or 0.0014 BTC on your balance. Speaking of maximum withdrawal amount, in this case you can withdraw as much as you want.

How soon the request for withdrawal of funds can be processed?

All requests for withdrawal of funds are processed manually. Maximum period of withdrawal is no longer than 48 hours.

I made a request for withdrawal of funds and still can’t see the money on my Wallet. What do I need to do?

First of all, please check the payment details which were specified while the request. We draw your attention to that fact that processing of requests for withdrawal of funds is performed manually, therefore it takes "Throne Invest" a little time for cash flow verification. If requested in the personal account but still can’t see the money on your wallet, please contact our support service.

Can I make several deposits simultaneously?

Yes, you can. Our investors can have unlimited number of active deposits.

With which payment systems do you work?

On our resource there several available popular payment systems such as: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer and AdvCash. Also in the near future we are planning to extend the list of available payment systems.

Can I increase my income in "Throne Invest"?

Yes, you can. The project provides an affiliate program for users who can earn up to 8.5% of deposits made by invited members. Registered users can get their referral link and additional material for attraction of new members to their structure in the “My Account” section. Thus, by building a referral network it’s possible to make money on "Throne Invest" without your own investments.

How and where I can to promote my affiliate link?

According to the rules of the system it’s allowed to promote referral links in almost any desired way, but there is only one restriction – you can’t advertise the project through spam. It’s allowed to place affiliate links in any social media, forums, personal blogs and, etc.